EWT and QNT links

Alliance Block, their number one partner is Quant Network.

Both Quant and Energy Web are both members of INATBA.

journal (chrome extension)



Adobe Programs (Photoshop, Lightroom, After effects, Illustrator, XD, InDesign, Media Encoder, Portfolio, Colour)








Apps — Slider Revolution, WP Bakery

Twitter (follow intelligent people)

Youtube (watch people who are useful to your research, what you are learning)



Your generation is moving

from ownership to access

From markets to networks

From consumerism to sustainability

From market capital to social capital

Essentially saying, we need to increase the aggregate efficiency of our economy, and all components of them, infrastructure, how it’s used, energy sources, food consumption — all of…

competition is a component of our economic system. our economic system is a way of ensuring that mouths get fed, and we get things to sustain and grow our lives. it compromises of things we need, like water and food, and things we want, luxuries like handbags, paintings, and other…


Could be really fun.

Being able to build in digital form could be a really fun way where I can realise ideas when I have them, and build them into things which people can use. Crossing the divide between ideas, plans and prototypes to building things which can be used, bought, and sold can give a new kind of momentum.

the scenes were set

The crowd sat down

In rows of ten million

The seats were filled and

I could sense it in the air

The gift that I’d been giving,

Was finally there, in the air

The lights were lit

I was thrilled to bits

With all those people…

Damn making content is so gooood

Literally, just imagine a place where people could come together to be creative, take their life by the balls and support each other, all in one go. No more consuming content, careers and crap from sources that want us to be part of their system. …

Michael Parr

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