Literally, just imagine a place where people could come together to be creative, take their life by the balls and support each other, all in one go. No more consuming content, careers and crap from sources that want us to be part of their system. Instead, collectively coming together to create our own things, stories, groups, forms of income/ways of navigating it, and basically just following our dreams and be free instead of having to follow someone else’s idea of “progress”, or “skills”, or “qualities”.

Common sense people are the LAST to see good opportunities, because they don’t make sense to their conventional logic, and they are unable/unwilling to shift their lens to consider another point of view/reasoning. If we are forced to stick with this pack of normies, we will spend our lives being normies, because normies follow the outliers, who get there first, map things out, and make it real, so that one of the chief normies can come along and say “ah well this is now normal”. It becomes universally accepted and everybody now lauds this new paradigm as “the way things are”. Honestly, taking a step back, you can see that history is an ever-changing field. Homosexuality was illegal like 60 years ago. Now people have so many Gay dating apps it’s incredible (which is kool btw). But you can see how thought of “what is possible” can really just be a Persian beauty content of what they think other people will accept, or not. But this changes all the time. And people don’t know if they’ll like something before they know it exists. So basically, it makes sense to be an outlier, to be good at this, and to take balls to go off the beaten track, to the extent that you’re no longer seeking to have the approval of a “normie”. Because really, if you have their approval straight away, you’re unlikely to have done anything too revolutionary (unless it’s a really logical step).

Whatever. Basically, being an outlier, that’s some lonely ass shit. Or it can be. Finding other people who want to get outside the bubble (and keep walking) can be tricky. That’s why it’d be sooo cool if there could be a place for us to all come together in unison, and try shit. No promises of where it’ll go. But try shit anyway. And even if we didn’t accomplish anything monetarily-speaking, we’ll still have learnt and gained heaps more than anybody swimming around the normie space and expecting to do cool things.

An off-road crew. A band of bros and sisses who wanna go, like really take the energy inside of them and put it out into the world, in some (initially at least) undetermined form. And take the fight to passivity. Because, who freaking knows what we’ll do if we come together and put ourselves there for each other.

That’s (to me) what Ignormal is. A protest against being stagnant, passive, and normal. It’s creating because that’s what your soul f*cking loves to do. No promises about where it’ll go, but just energy man. Energy.

Believing in the potential of ourselves and each other. Together. No cynics, no haters. No perfection, no a-to-b. Just a shit tonne of energy, all the people under one roof raving. A creative rave.

But most of all, what ignormal is, is incomplete. There’s always another thing to add. Come and do it, if that’s your flow.